Thursday, April 15, 2021

Technical glitches can take the All-In far out!

 How often do technical glitches really bog you down and ruin your day? Technology has come so far, it rarely is bad enough to really ruin a day any more. 

BUT...once in a while it can happen.

For the past month, there have been issues with the hosting of this site. It took ten+ hours over several days to rig a solution. It's not even a great solution but one that suffices. 

Can you relate to how frustrating that is? I bet everyone who reads this can relate.

Glitches spoil an all-in mindset. The key is to get the mindset back where you want it to be. Do not let tech or errors or anyone own your mindset! Right?

That's what I had to keep telling myself this last month.

Remember the three guys who annihilated the copier in the movie Office Space

I did not want to turn into those guys. Nor did I want to speak rudely to the tech folks trying to help figure it out. 

It's important to have go-to strategies for staying All-In, especially when surprises or negative events occur. 

All-In doesn't mean you don't feel the feelings though. It just means you don't let the feelings get the best of you causing you behave in a way contrary to your core values. 

That's it. Luckily the All-In mantra helps!

Keep on living and leading All-In,

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