Monday, February 1, 2021

All-In role model: the high school principal with a side gig at Walmart

"He's there when you least expect it but when you need him the most," a student said of Mr. Henry Darby, the high school principal who works a night shift at Walmart for extra money to help students in need.

Nearly all of his students (90%!) live below the poverty line with some sleeping under bridges or in their cars. Imagine for a moment how such circumstances affect teenagers—their minds and spirits. Would you be able to focus all day and do homework while living under a bridge?

If you struggled to work from your kitchen table next to a fully stocked refrigerator last year, give it some thought.

Principal Darby stocking the shelves during his night shift at Walmart
Mr. Darby loves his students and sees them for who they are, not where they live. He calls them “the best of the best.” His love compelled him to take a night shift at Walmart so he could help his students and families more. All of his Walmart salary goes toward helping others.

He gets emotional talking about his students in the video. He wants them to learn the three R’s: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. He is a spectacular role model of all three.

Mr. Darby’s only request of his students is kindness, “Learn to help others. That’s one of the greatest things we can do as human beings.”

His love for the students comes across so clearly, Walmart was inspired to donate $50,000 to his effort. All of the funds will go the same place his Walmart salary goes: to the students in need.

Watch the video and notice Mr. Darby’s leadership.

He is a modern leader brining out the best in the students, community, and now that his story is out, all of us.

Three questions we can ask ourselves to boost our leadership...

  1. Who do you care about the way Mr. Darby cares about his students? Anyone?
  2. How can you be like Mr. Darby for those people?
  3. How can you model the 3 R’s of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships?

Be worthy every day, like Mr. Darby. Remember, as he says, helping others is the greatest thing we can do as human beings.

If you want to join Mr. Darby's support for his students, click here to donate.


(Source: South Carolina principal takes night job at Walmart to support struggling students by Drew Weisholtz posted January 29, 2021 on The Today Show website)