The All-In Way™ Defined

In 2010, Kelly Tyler Byrnes captured the All-In mindset of high performance in the book Put Your Whole Self In! Life and Leadership the Hokey Pokey Way. The book is a small, fun, lighthearted look at what makes some people perform at a higher level than others.

Since then, All-In has become a motto or mantra for a variety of corporate teams, athletic teams, and companies. Adidas and the Champion New York Giants both used All-In as their mottos in 2011. The Champion Clemson Tigers use All-In as their motto too.

The Adidas video shows what being All-In means for athletes. Picture the same work ethic, determination, perseverance, and attitude in players on your team.

When players on corporate teams are All-In, the company can serve all five stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and society) well.

All-In companies revere all stakeholders.

They do not sacrifice one for the benefit of another. For example, they do not underpay employees to satisfy Wall Street analysts. They don't overpay either. They responsibly serve all five stakeholders--employees, customer, investors, suppliers, and society.

Research continuously shows All-In companies out-perform others financially. 

Whether you call them All-In, Great Places to Work, Business Ethics 100 Best Citizens, Stakeholder Superstars, The Fortune 100 Best Companies, or Firms of Endearment, the research is consistent: they outperform the rest. Check for yourself, or ask  Kelly Tyler Byrnes  for the studies.

The All-In Way refers to high performing individuals and corporations. It also refers to the systematic methodology  Kelly Tyler Byrnes uses to collaborate with clients to create their culture shift. The process begins with a diagnostic assessment and ends with a practical framework clients use to deliberately develop their culture. 

If you think the All-In message would resonate with your conference, team, or organization, please contact Kelly ( directly to talk it over.