Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are you prepared for forks in the road?

On this journey of life, when you arrive at a fork in the road, what do you do?

If both paths lead to traveling far different directions, it is wise to take time to analyze, contemplate, and reconfigure the trip based on taking each road. Life's journey is bound to include detours and forks in the road, and we can't just wait for someone else to tell us what to do. What if they advise of the wrong course to take for us? What if they don't anticipate even more road blocks on one route versus another? What if they don't know our ultimate destination?

The answer to that last question is key.

On this journey of life, including career, what is your ultimate destination? 

My ultimate career goal has been to do work I enjoy and am good at, with people I respect, for a cause bigger than all of us. When recently given the chance to take a gigantic step toward that goal, I took it.

Last month, I joined MRIGlobal as the Chief Talent Officer/Director of Learning. As one of the nation's leading research institutes, MRIGlobal conducts programs in the areas of national security and defense, life sciences, energy and the environment, agriculture and food safety, and engineering and infrastructure. See more about their work: http://www.MRIGlobal.org

MRIGlobal has always been on the short list of places I would like to work, as they have been a client for eight years. It is truly an honor to go there each day. In fact, tears came to my eyes when they invited me to join them. 

While my consulting work will wind down, the All-In message continues on with speaking and writing. So continue checking this blog and the Facebook page.

Although I was not looking for a new position, and was, in fact, preparing to launch another company, there was a fork in the road when I thought the path was clear. That's the thing about life's journey: there are forks, road blocks, and short cuts when least expected for all of us.

The best way to discern which route to take is to be prepared for the journey, know your destination, and anticipate the trip. Traveling with great people makes the trip a pleasure, whichever road you take. Thanks to you for traveling this journey with me.